Financial Engineering (M.Eng., Fernstudium)

Typ Master of Engineering
Distance and Independent Studies Center (DISC) der RPTU
Distance and Independent Studies Center (DISC) der RPTU
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Studienform Fernstudium
Schwerpunkt Finance
Dauer 36 Monate
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Sprache Englisch
Benötigte Berufserfahrung 1 Jahre

Distance and Independent Studies Center (DISC) der RPTU / Financial Engineering im Detail

Advanced knowledge of the fundamental theory, continuous-time financial mathematics skills and the ability to put that expertise into practice, coupled with an understanding of key concepts in actuarial and financial mathematics is more important than ever to an understanding of the increasingly complex financial market. Competition for the best jobs in the finance and insurance sector is also set to intensify, and acquiring that expertise significantly improves your chances of moving into this field or furthering your career in finance or insurance. You can develop the skills you need on the Financial Engineering distance-learning programme at TU Kaiserslautern.

Students take various classes towards two modules in each of the first five semesters. Students work through one to two sets of learning material for each module. The sixth semester is for the Master‘s thesis. Around 16-18 hours per week will be required for working through the learning material and completing the corresponding exercises. Students should schedule this time especially in the first semester, as it generally takes a while for them to establish their own individual working and studying style and to get used to the written course material. Realistically, the initial workload is likely to be higher, not least for those from non-mathematical disciplines: they will need to familiarise themselves with a new and perhaps strange terminology and style, and new types of question. Your actual workload will depend on a range of very different factors such as prior knowledge, your individual studying habits and your professional and personal situation. One weekend (Friday to Sunday) per semester is required on top of the specified workload for attendance at the on-campus phase. Whatever your actual workload, you will find that you will not be able to pursue all your previous activities and hobbies as usual. We therefore recommend realistically considering your capacity, your interests and the time available to you to avoid unnecessary frustration. 

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  • Applicants must demonstrate that they have completed a higher education degree lasting at least six semesters at a German or foreign state or staterecognised higher education institution, at least one year‘s relevant work experience in the finance and insurance sector or in a mathematics-related profession following their degree, and that they have the necessary prior knowledge from their previous degree.


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