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AIHE Academic Institute for Higher Education GmbH
AIHE Academic Institute for Higher Education GmbH
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AIHE Academic Institute for Higher Education GmbH / MSc Applied Psychology im Detail

The Master´s program in Applied Psychology is a one-year distance learning course offered in cooperation with the London Metropolitan University, which requires no attendance and can be started without a first degree (without a Bachelor´s degree). It provides the basics of psychology, such a social psychology or industrial psychology, and deepens and expands existing knowledge. It is suitable for those who have already completed their first university degree and would like to develop after several years of professional experience.

The content and structure of the master´s program support a practice-oriented understanding of Applied Psychology. Starting from the introduction to the fundamentals about the programme, Business Psychology contents and competences are systematically imparted. Thereby successive modules aim to tie in analytically with the knowledge acquired in the previous module so that it can be integrated for the understanding of the following module.

The content of the one-year master´s program is based on the following six focal point:

Foundation of Research in Applied Psychology

  • Basic of scientific work
  • Critical evaluation
  • Introduction to Applied Psychology
Personality & Social Psychology
  • Psychology of Empathy & Morality
  • Dark Personality
  • Psychology & Religion
Biopsychology, Cognitive & Developmental Psychology
  • Development of Self
  • Psychology of Sustainable Ageing
  • Psychology of Lying
Business & Organizational Psychology
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Organizational Fairness
  • Human Resource Management
Criminal Psychology & Political Psychology
  • Criminal Psychology
  • Political Psychology
  • Psychology of Influencing
Media Psychology & Cyber Psychology
  • Psychology of (online) Media
  • Cyber Psychology
  • Psychology of (online) Communication

Entry Requirements

First degree (at least Bachelor) from a recognised German or comparable other foreign university
the equivalent of the first university degree is considered to be at least six years´ relevant professional experience.

In addition, the following additional specializations are welcome: knowledge in the field of psychology (e.g. social psychology, business psychology), leadership, coaching, systemic counselling.


1st February (Summer Semester). Application deadline: 15 Deceber
1st September (Winter Semester). Application deadline: 15 July


Business Psychology Psychology Biopsychology Personality Psychology Organizational Psychology Criminal Psychology Political Psychology Developmental Psychology


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